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Almost great

Lacks search in page. I would really like a real two-way bookmark sync : Firefox iOS will rather let you access bookmarks of your desktop Firefox instead of syncing then. Hopefully, the roadmap states that this will be fixed version 3 (late March). Tab sync between desktop and mobile is not as cool as with Safari. Like many others, I feel frustrated by the tabs overview. I prefer Safari style. At least, I can get my desktop bookmarks and passwords which is the reason why I chose Firefox. Keep up the good work guys !


Its a great app.

Backup data before updating the app!!

See title!

Tab management needs to be improved

Firefox for iOS is great for everyday browsing. Only the tab management seems to be a bit lackluster. What I would like to see in the future: - Easier access to tabs; in safari, you have desktop-like tabs which makes it so much easier to switch between them. Firefox for iOS requires you to switch to the tab menu and then select the desired tab. For going back and forth between multiple tabs this procedure is frustrating. - Keyboard support (cmd + T to open a new tab, cmd + w to close the current tab etc.) But besides that: great job, Mozilla! :)


Only tested it for a minute. While scrolling links were opened unexpectedly. When browsing pages with embedded videos Spotify was always silenced because "play video" seems to be the default. Thats extremely annoying if one only wants to read news, videos should be optional then and thats how the same pages work with Safari.


sync is causing Firefox to crash on my iPhone 5

Needs work

Its a good web browser but it is horrible on Facebook , Flash games are not able to work

Stable, good integration with Firefox on desktop

Still some issues requiring you to reload a page before Firefox recognizes a long press. Hoping 3D Touch support and support for your Focus content blocker arrives sooner rather than later!

Keeps craching

Crashes and causes my iPad to freeze to the point of having to restart my iPad. I uninstalled for now and will try it again at a newer version

Awful app

Needs to be fixed, full of bugs and too slow. Stops working each time I open the new windows; uninstalled finally.

Much faster than Chrome

I tried Firefox out of curiosity and was surprised by how much faster it is than Chrome. Very impressive!

Worst app on earth

Crash crash crash crash crash. Absolutely horrible. Unbelievable that Mozilla can make such junk.

Wont allow downloads

Rather useless for what I need to use it for. Unless this is fixed... why bother?

FireFox screwed up !

this was a five star app; since the last (Jan.11/2016) upgrade it is sssssllloooooow i.e. it hangs up; if it works at all. I expect more from Mozzila. Going to delete FireFox at least for now - maybe go back to Chrome or....? sorry - it had to be said Impatient Searcher

Good browser, not intuitive for small customizations.

No bookmarks button. Difficult to change search bar search engine. Crashes. About:config does not work.


Not bad little search engine thats finally on iOS :) good work guys


Very uninspiring app and cumbersome to use.

Great app

This is a great alternative for safari.


Surprisingly, this browser is not very intuitive. I still havent figured out how to add a bookmark to folders. To get to the settings menu takes some exploration. This is simply not very intuitive, and not an alternative to Safaris feature-rich browser, as I had hoped.

Utter Junk

Im a big Firefox fan but this iteration for iOS is a piece of Ill-thought out trash. One example: go to google news, click on a story, read the story, try to go back to google news: you cant. Rated: Dumb and a half!

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